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Information is King

The first thing about poker every player needs to learn--after the rules of the game, of course--is that poker is first and foremost a game of information. The winningest player on the felt is also the most informed, and knows what to do with the information at hand, every hand.

It's nothing short of a high wire act that the winning poker player must perform during any given game, balancing on a tightrope between playing the numbers, playing position, and playing his opponent. While juggling all of this information at once is surely an advanced skill, best mastered by the greatest players on the felt, anyone can begin learning and practicing these principles when they sit down.

Arm yourself now with the knowledge and information you need to play winning poker.

The Basics

Everyone must start somewhere, so here's a small collection of resources to begin with.

Knowledge at Your Fingertips

Some quick resources that may come in handy during an online poker session. (I don't recommend bringing crib sheets to a live, brick and mortar casino. They'll eat you alive, if you come traipsing in with one...)

Review and Learn

Refining your poker skill doesn't start and end at the tables. Reviewing your hands afterwards, to seek out and destroy your weaknesses, is a crucial part of a poker centirc regimen. Here's a few places to start.

  • Odds Calculator
    • Take your understanding of the odds a step further, and review your hands after the fact. How far off were you in making that call? Should you have raised? Do the math...
  • Carbon Poker History Converter
    • Convert your Carbon Poker Hand Histories to readable formats, specifically coded for posting in the GottaTalkPoker forums, where you can discuss and review with your peers.

Seek out Good Games

Another key to poker success is knowing which games to join, and which to avoid. Money Guaranteed games with a good overlay are terrific opportunities to add value to your buyins, and freerolls can be a great place to simply practice. Use the links below to find buyin tournaments, freeroll, or your favorite poker TV show.

  • TV Schedule
    • Sometimes it's fun just to sit back and watch others play the game...

Start Winning Money at Poker

Poker Chips

There you have it, just as a top mechanic has his tools of the trade to make him successful, now you have yours! Visit this page often, to see what we've added to the mix, and use your time wisely...remember a day without learning is a day wasted!

Notice a crucial tool missing from this page? Contact us right away, in the community forums, and let us know! Working together, we'll see to it that this toolset is the most complete online!

In fact, be sure to visit the GottaTalkPoker forums today, to post a hand, discuss your missed (and made) oportunities, and hone your skills today!


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