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Carbon Hand Locations

Hand histories are normally stored in a folder as follows:
C:\{Windows User}\AppData\Local\Carbon Poker\history\{nickname}\date

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To paraphrase George Santanaya, Those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it. This applies directly to online poker, as the computer allows us to store and review thousands of our past hands to find mistakes and leaks we might not otherwise. Reviewing, discussing, and dissecting your hand histories is a vital key in taking the next step in your evolution as a poker player. That's where this converter comes into play.

This poker hand history converter is made specifically to convert the xml hand histories from poker rooms on the Merge Network--such as Carbon Poker, Aced, PDC, and Feltstars-- into readable text format for posting in online poker forums.

The output is configured especially for posting in the GottaTalkPoker forums, where sharing and analyzing hand histories is a key to improving a burgeoning poker game, finding leaks in a players' game, and contributes to an overall improvement in play.

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