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How the Monthly Leaderboard is Scored

For each tournament you play, you will be awarded points based on The Number of Players Registered divided by the Place You Finished. We then multiply that by 20 for a final value-- For example:

  • a 24 person buyin will score first place 480 points
  • a 12 person buyin will score first place 240 points.

n.b.: Regardless of turnout, all freerolls are scored as 20 player games.

The RANKING column

The Ranking Column is the column by which the leaderboard is ordered, and is arrived at by averaging your TOP 16 SCORES. If you've played less than 16 games, it is arrived at by dividing the sum of your scores by play early and often, friends!

The Season to Date, All-Time, and Individual Leaderboards

Visit the FAQ for Complete Information on the hows and whys of each of these fabulous leaderboards!

Why a Leaderboard?

For the bragging rights, of course, but we also hold regular leaderboard bonuses, as well:

The top 21 qualifying leaderboard spots every month are eligible for TTR prizes.


The Top THREE win bigger TTR Payouts (if they were League members in good standing that month!):
  • 1st - 8 TTR
  • 2nd - 4 TTR
  • 3rd - 2 TTR

So go play, have fun, and we hope you win 'em all!


All games that qualify for the leaderboard are scored and entered into our database...
However, your name won't appear on the leaderboards until you meet the minimum game requirements:

  • Current Monthly Leaderboard: 4 scored places
  • Season to Date Leaderboard: 10 scored places
  • Overall Leaderboard: 20 Scored places

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