Do You have a Ticket to Ride?

Each one is a Freeroll of its own!

Only at Gottatalkpoker!

TTR - The Ticket to Ride Prize Currency

What are they, anyway?


Ticket To Ride

Every Game is a FREEROLL

TTR is an acronyn for Ticket to Ride, meaning: free entry into one of our tournaments. Beginning simply as a term for our entry coupons, the TTR is now the universal prize currency here at GottaTalkPoker, and is paid out for bounties, contests, posting, playing our tournaments, and more! All GottaTalkers can spend their TTRs on anything we have offered in our TTR General Store, from Entry Coupons at our various host rooms (The Original Ticket to Ride!) to CHOICE membership to PayPal cash.

The TTR has no intrinsic cash exchange value, rather it is the fiat currency here at GTP, and is earned in multiple ways. If you are looking for more and better ways to improve your ROI (Return on Investment), TTRs are a part of your answer, even helping you to keep your online accounts funded when your account runs low.

How to win a Ticket to Ride

We have more ways to put TTRs in your virtual pocket than you can shake a stick at; Not only do we give them out in contests, games, forum posts, and even as rakeback for playing in our tournaments, but we also offer FREE TTRs to every new member!

Ticket To Ride
Join Today, and receive a TTR!

That's right, sign up today, and get a free entry. There's TWO ways to make this happen:

  1. Join the forums for FREE
    • Read your Welcome Message in your Private Message Inbox!
    • Follow the instructions there. It will tell you to:
      • Fill out your profile
      • Introduce yourself in the Welcome to GottaTalkPoker Forum
      • In your introduction, just ASK for a TTR
    • If three current League members approve, you GET ONE!
  2. Join The League and receive one in your first month with a year's paid dues--that simple!
After you've Joined, get ANOTHER FREE TTR!

It gets better! After you've reached 50 posts in our community forums, you qualify for ANOTHER free TTR! Yet another reason GTP is tops!

Keep Playing - Keep Winning

Keep playing our games, our contests, and our exercises; keep posting in the forums and make friends in our community; keep on keeping on and you will continue to fund your GottaTalkPoker career with Tickets to Ride!

Check out how many ways you can win TTRs on our Free Bankrolls Page!
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