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Poker in Mind -- The Mind at Work

Poker in Mind  -  Test, Push, Adapt  -  Evolve into Winning

What is Poker in Mind?

Simply put, it's a challenge to test your poker knowledge, your mathematical acumen, and to push your ability to adapt and evolve.

It's no secret that in any discipline, from contact sports to chess, the first key to growth and success lies in practiced, focused training. In a field involving game mechanics or theory, training one's mind into specific thinking "habits" can translate into leaps and bounds in overall advancement. Ask any Chess Grandmaster how they train...

Training for Poker

Which is where we, as poker players, enter the picture. Just as with the world's greatest chess players, the more we read, analyze, and practice our poker mechanics, the more complete our Poker Mindset, and the better we become at the game itself. Specifically, the ability to analyze and adapt on the fly is a crucial skill to successful--and winning--poker play.

Thus: "Poker in Mind". Another strong addition to GottaTalkPoker's vast and unique arsenal of tools designed to improve your poker acumen.

Evolve or Die

The Beginning Poker Player Seeking Evolution

This exclusive series of exercises is conceived and designed with one goal in mind: ingrain, improve, and implement your poker skills. Each weekly installment will focus on a core principle in its respective game type and limit, designed to push the boundaries of what we've come to know as "the expected" at the online tables, restoring some of what we may have forgotten along the way, and re-enforcing that we actively use. Each exercise will spark strong opinion, generate discussion, and ultimately, make its participants better poker players.

Of course, poker is a mental exercise in every respect, and each player's personality brings with it a unique take on the game itself. As such, there are many right ways to play any given hand in any given situation, and as a result, there must be a balance in a player's understanding of core principles of the game mechanics. Each Poker in Mind exercise is centered on a specific principle or theme. As such, there will always be only one "Right" answer, even if there is viable and compelling reasoning that contradicts it.

The Meat of the Exercise: "WHY?"

While Poker in Mind will always be scored with only one winner, and one specific answer, to end it there undermines the entire purpose of the exercise. As soon as each Poker in Mind is scored and locked down, we immediately open up a discussion topic specifically for that exercise, to encourage spirited discussion and debate about each, while the "contest" may be over, the exercise never ends!

Weekly Prizes

A new Poker in Minde exercise is introduced every week in our Community Forums. Each week the exercise is reviewed and "scored", with all contestants who came close to the core of the matter winning a medal to signify their succes, while the one indivdual who truly came closest to understanding and enacting the principle at hand will be awarded another medal, and a TTR, to boot!

How it Works (a detailed breakdown)

We'll post each new exercise in the Poker in Mind forum.

Every Friday, the exercise is scored, prizes awarded, and a discussion topic is opened.

A new Poker in Mind is posted every Friday, as well.

As the discussion topic for each exercise takes off and grows, we award additional prizes to compelling arguments, particularly insightful input, and other strong contributions to the topic at hand. This is an exercise that never ends, and as such, the prizes continue.

Expand Your Skills and Expand Your Mind

Train Your Brain

Poker is a fast moving game of simple mechanics, but complex human interaction and scientific skill.

GottaTalkPoker's exclusive Poker in Mind Series is another example of our continuing effort to think outside the box, finding new ways to keep our poker mindset sharp and ready to win. Many poker sites offer quizzes, tests and multiple choice games, which are fun and distracting time killers, but ultimately fall flat in functional skill improvement

That's not enough for us.

We strive to bring you the sort of mental exercises and competitions specifically designed to prepare you to think and adapt at the poker table. To be a winning poker player, we understand you need a well-oiled, keen intellect, you need to be able to quickly and adroitly solve the myriad problems you encounter every day on the felt.

Evolve or Die. Adapt and Succeed.

Train Your Brain Today.

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