Sherlock Holmes Poker Mysteries!

An Exclusive GTP CHOICE Exercise

Hone your skills to razor sharpness!

The Sherlock Holmes Poker Mysteries!
Sherlock Holmes at Work

A challenge to test your poker observations, deductive problem solving, and abductive reasoning.

Inspired by the amazing deductive skills of the greatest fictional detective of all time, this exercise pits your skills of observation against your knowledge of poker. Combine your understanding of tells, table position, and betting patterns with your intuition and instinct as you move through each step of a carefully selected, seemingly innocuous hand. Card by card, you'll attempt to do the impossible:

Deduce the players' hole cards.

Weekly Istallments, Weekly Prizes

The Sherlock Holmes Poker Mysteries are introduced monthly in four to five parts, with each step introduced every week in our Community Forums. Each week a TTR goes out to the contestant with the best reasoning behind their deductions. In the final tally, the contestant with the most scored points according to our scoring system wins two TTRs, and a medal signifying their vistory. It's important to note that the weekly prizes are awarded based on the overall approach to the problem solving, NOT the actual points scored, so as not to reveal any correct answers along the way.

The Legendary Sherlock Holmes

How it Works (a detailed breakdown)

We'll post a hand in the 221b Forum, beginning with the position and preflop action.

Every Thursday, we'll award a particularly insightful contribution, and add further information in the next step.

Some of these hands are hands involving GottaTalkPoker members, some involving world class pros, but in all cases, the names of the players have been changed, and any and all references to hole cards has been removed.

Each step, using all available clues, you will piece together each players' hand, and their next move, if possible, using information ranging from position to bet size and board cards. The challenge is to come as close as possible to the final results, by the hand's end.

You can start with hand ranges, and narrow them down, or come right out with your guesses, although blind guesses are worth less than deductive reasoning. You are welcome to work together, in coming to your conclusions. All information shared in these exercises will be properly attributed and scored along the way.

Additionally, players can jump in at any time during the exercise, and attempt to add their insight. You are not locked out after the first cards are dealt.

Sherlock Holmes with Watson

Expand Your Skills and Expand Your Mind

Poker is a fast moving game of simple mechanics, but complex human interaction and scientific skill.

GottaTalkPoker's exclusive Sherlock Holmes Poker Mysteries is another example of our continuing effort to think outside the box, finding new ways to keep our poker mindset sharp and ready to win. Many poker sites offer quizzes, tests and multiple choice games, which are fun and distracting time killers, but ultimately fall flat in functional skill improvement

That's not enough for us.

We strive to bring you the sort of mental exercises and competitions specifically designed to prepare you to think and adapt at the poker table. To be a winning poker player, we understand you need a well-oiled, keen intellect, you need to be able to quickly and adroitly solve the myriad problems you encounter every day on the felt.

So, let's do it together.

Train Your Brain Today.

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