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Freerolls at GottaTalkPoker

All about OUR Freerolls!

What ARE Freerolls, Anyway?

Let's start at the beginning. A BANKroll is the figurative--and literal, in some lucky cases--"roll" of cash that a player has to start out. His "bank" with which to buy-in, add-on, etc. Every player needs one, and some don't have one to begin with.

Hence: FREErolls.

A Freeroll is a poker tournament where the buy-in is $0 (or, "FREE") yet carries a real money prize pool. It's a way to start a bankroll with nothing other than your skill and tenacity. There have been notable and legendary stories of players who have made a considerable sum from starting out with freerolls.

We won't get into the strategy of freerolls here, or their considerable difficulty--some have compared them to mine fields, always dodging the next lucky shot--short of saying that you can find all that information in our Poker Strategy section. (How's THAT for an unabashed plug?)

Why Every One of Our Games is a FREEROLL

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How to Play in Our Freerolls

GottaTalkPoker hosts regular freerolls at our affiliated poker rooms, for a variety of reasons. Some are for promotion, to attract new members, some are for member rewards, and some are prizes for contests and competitions.

This list below will help you understand our freerolls, and how you can get into them...

The Invite Freeroll

This is just what it sounds like, an invite only freeroll. We base these freerolls almost exclusively on leaderboard performance, so if you see this one, don't even bother asking for an invite unless you were extremely active in the forums already...Jack's been known to invite forum stalwarts!

GTPC Final Freeroll

Anything marked as a "Final" freeroll is the last tournament of a competition series, and is closed to all but the final contestants, with no exceptions. This includes, GTPC Finals, ISIS Finals, as well as others.

Profile Freerolls

These freerolls ARE open to all GTP members who have fulfilled the simple prerequisites of filling out their profiles. Usually requires the player to follow us on Twitter and Facebook. We announce these well in advance.

OPEN Freerolls

These rare freerolls are standard, password protected games where anyone and everyone is invited.

CHOICE Freerolls

These freerolls are for League Members in Good Standing only. Find out how to Join The League today!


Freerolls Answered

That, my friends, is everything I can tell you about freerolls at GottaTalkPoker!

If you're eager to play freerolls immediately, check out many of our online affiliates today! They have frequent freerolls to help their players establish bankrolls and play real money poker!

Play early and often!


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