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Ever thought about becoming an Online Poker Affiliate?

Lots of folks have.

One of the best things about Online Poker Affiliation is the positive relationship between the affiliate and the player. With online sportsbooks and casinos, the affiliate makes a share of their tagged players' losses, leading to an unhealthy relationship where the affiliate actually roots AGAINST their players. Under a Revshare program, the Online Poker Affiliate makes their money from their tagged players' table rake. The more the player plays, the more the affiliate makes, so it in the affiliate's clear interest to help their players WIN as much as possible, so they conmtinue to play, and generate more revenue. Everyone is happy.

And Affiliation? I mean, hey, it looks so easy. Not to mention some affiliate sites that look like a twelve year old put them together...makes it look even easier to the rest of us! I mean, if they can do it, so can anyone, right?

Well, yes and no. I think that's as good place to start as any.

Doing it RIGHT ain't Easy

Anybody can throw a bunch of flashing banners on a simple web page, and call themselves an affiliate. Chances are, those folks aren't making the money they thought they would. In fact, I can guarantee it. Not only is the online market saturated with thousands of affiliates with varying degrees of skill and effort, but they're also competing for the same player base. YES, new players are constantly coming into the market, but when they do, they tend to get scooped up fast, before they find those lower tier affiliate sites.

The successful Poker Affiliate understands this, and WORKS to make his site profitable. From SEO to constantly updated content to simply conceiving new and unique spins on an old concept, the successful affiliate is constantly learning, growing, and working.

If you're thinking of moving ahead, remember: keep moving forward, keep striving for change and excellence, and find something to give your players to make them come to you to click on YOUR links first.

Wouldn't it be nice to have some help along the way? Well, you can...

Why Sub-Affiliate?

Clearly you already know roughly how an affiliate program works. Sub-affiliation is joining an affiliate program through another affiliate's link. The sub-affiliate is still an affiliate with all the same CPAs and revenue share percentages as the upline affiliate, but by signing up under an existing affiliate, the poker room pays the upline affiliate an additional revenue share based on the sub affiliate's earnings.

So, since it only helps the person above you, why do it?

If your upline affiliate is willing to offer you help, advice, and assistance in your endeavors, sub-affiliation can pay you dividends above and beyond the basic Poker Affiliate.

GottaTalkPoker is in YOUR Corner

We've been in the online affiliate business for nearly 10 years now, from sportsbetting to casino gaming and finally, to poker. Without any guidance when we started, we made a lot of mistakes over the years, and we had more than a few successes. Moving from the backstabbing, bloodthirsty business of casino and sportsbooks, we found a good home in Online Poker, where we work with our players to ensure they are the most profitable they can be.

Most importantly, we've picked up a lot of knowledge along the way. This is knowledge we're happy to share with anyone seriously interested in getting started in the business of Online Poker Affiliation.

Start your Online Poker Affiliation career under us, and we've got your back. We'll help you find your niche, advise you on your site's mechanics or design, even help you organize tournaments to bring in new players to your fold. Online Poker is poised to make another huge breakthrough in the coming years, and you can position yourself to take advantage of that NOW.

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