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World Class Chefs not only cook all the time, but they tend to their tools, constantly honing their blades for the next culinary masterpiece. World Class Poker Players are no different. They continually strive towards excellence, constantly learning, improving, watching, and absorbing. If you've come here looking for an easy path, then poker is not for you, and this site will disappoint you.

If you've come with the understanding that truly top level poker requires dedication, hard work, and constant improvement, then congratulations...this is a great place to start your journey! We offer a plethora of information below, all designed to help you on your way, and we add to this list almost daily!

Introductions- For those of you new to the game, you need a solid foundation, a place to start. We provide this in the form of our introduction series, where we give you the basics of many forms of poker, from Holdem to Stud, and beyond. This is where you start.

Strategies- For such a simple set of rules, Poker is an incredibly complex game, requiring depth of knowledge and multi-faceted understanding of game theories and their application. There are as many strategies as there are players, and the ones we offer here are OUR favorites. Read, learn, play, and read some more. Come back and check often for updates!

Tips- Enjoy this collection of tips, hints, top five lists, and more. Small reminders of little things we like to keep in mind as we play the game.


It Never Ends

Poker Chips Puzzle

One's poker journey never ends, it simply winds back and forth. Keep coming back and reading more of what we have to offer...we'll be waiting!

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