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Help and Support Resources

Everything you wanted to know about GottaTalkPoker

...but were afraid to ask!

Our site and community has a lot to offer, and we like to make everything easy to find and understand, but sometimes even OUR best laid plans go awry!

Here, then, is a complete listing of informational resources to help you in your search for anything and everything you might have a question about--we're here to make it simple for you!

The Usual

Most people want to ask about the Top Three:

Help Yourself

Here's the best places to start with any basic questions.

  • FAQ
    • Answering all Frequently Asked Questions
  • Search the Community Forums
    • See if those INfrequently asked questions are already answered.
  • About Us
    • In case it's just our Mission Statement you're wondering about...

Go Get More Information

When you need to ASK for additional Help--we're HERE for you!

  • Support Forum
    • Post Your Questions and Comments here!
  • Contact Us
    • Not a member yet, and still need to ask a question in the Support Forum? Our contact form will post it for you.
  • Contact Us on Skype
    • Need to Ask us Now? We're on Skype as "gottatalkpoker".

We're pretty certain you won't have any need to ask any more questions, if you've followed the links above! After all, now you know EVERYTHING!

So remember, play early and often, y'hear?

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