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Whether it's darts, golf, pool, or even poker, most of us have fond memories of our first "beer league". Some of us still enjoy participating in our favorite leagues with friends and relatives.

If you've been yearning for that same experience with an online poker league, you've found it; However you made it here, you'll be glad you did! We enjoy fierce competition without the namecalling and nasty internet dross you encounter in many other online poker "leagues". We treat each other as we would in the barroom, and it marks the difference: you'll LOVE playing in our league!

Our games are open to all. Simply join the forums, and grab our buyin password, and take a seat! We run over a dozen games each week, with the widest possible selection of poker variants, from 5 Card Draw to HORSE, so we know we have a game for everyone!

Once you've joined us for a few games, join the League, and compete with the rest of us! League Members in Good Standing battle it out on our leaderboards, have access to special contests, prizes, freerolls and much much more! It doesn't get any better than this: the Friendliest, Most Complete Online Poker Community anywhere!

So, be sure to visit the forums TODAY! You won't regret it!

Learn Poker.

We offer a wealth of poker information and resources to the online poker player--both the grizzled experienced veteran, and the fresh-faced "n00b"--and we continue to offer more. Looking to learn the game of poker, or simply brush up on some poker rules or poker hand odds? This is the only online poker place you'll need!

Remember: every day you DON'T learn something new is wasted!

Play Poker.

We hold private online poker tournaments daily and offer prizes and incentives for participating in our online poker league. We also run regular poker contests along with our games, giving away free bankrolls, free entry coupons, and much, much more! All of which make spending some of your online time at GottaTalkPoker an enjoyable and profitable online poker experience!

Talk Poker.

Feel free to explore the whole site, filled with poker resources such as the definitive online version of Robert's Rules of Poker, Poker Odds Calculators, Freeroll Finders, TV Schedules and MORE! Then stop by the poker forums, your very own poker community, and say, "Hi!" or ask any questions you may have. Nothing is left out and no one is excluded: we've saved a spot for YOU!

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